Data Legacy Conversion

We provide timely and accurate manual conversion of PDF sketches or scanned hard copies of drawings into AutoCAD DWG two-dimensional model with added semantic value to give more direct control of the draft. 2D drawings are essential for communicating ideas in industries to make the drawings easier to understand for people who use familiar symbols, perspectives, units of measurement, notation systems, visual styles, and page layout.
We do not use conversion software programs, as the results may be more tedious to work with; the DWG file can often be messy, and all of the elements will end up on the same layer. It can also be difficult to obtain accuracy or precision, especially for hand-drawn and scanned drawings. All converted drawings will be manually converted, full-scale 1:1, dimensionally accurate and layered to match the original documents exactly.

2D to 3D Conversion

Roche Tech Solutions offers a flexible range of solutions, including the upgrading of existing 2D plans into 3D models. This is done through a site or facility survey, unless the client has an accurate and updated plan, which we can also proceed straight to performing the CAD to BIM conversion.
We have experience working with floor plans across a variety of formats, including PDF and produce fully parametric models by retaining complex shapes as in-place families.

2D Drafting Services

2D drafting is essential to accurately and unambiguously capturing all the geometric features of a product or a component. This provides all the required information that will allow a manufacturer to produce a component. Though 3D drafting is much more detailed, many companies still prefer 2D drawings as they are simple. Outsourcing 2D drafting services not only reduce your costs, but it also lets you focus on your core competencies.
Roche Tech Solutions has been working with companies of 2D design needs. Whether it is a simple sketch, a full-scale 3D model, or even a detailed drawing, we can convert these into highly precise 2D representations.
At Roche Tech Solutions, we understand that accuracy is extremely important in 2D drafting and drawing. Therefore, we provide results that are clean, accurate, and easy to understand.

Our 2D drafting services cover :
  • Corrections to exciting 2D drafts involving standards change in materials used and manufacturing details
  • 2D exploded views of an assembly
  • Engineering Change Request (ECR)
  • 2D drafts or manufacturing drawings using reverse engineering methodology on existing physical components
  • Orthographic, axonometric, and perspective projections from 3D models
  • 2D details from 2D assemblies or vice-versa
We have worked with numerous clients across multiple industry verticals which include :
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC)
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Piping
  • Marine Vessels
  • Civil / Architectural

Product / Mould Design & Drafting Services

From the functional requirement of products, product designs evolve. In addition, other design parameters like fit, assembly and aesthetics are taken into consideration during the evolution of design. The material for the product, the shape and size to withstand any static and dynamic forces, the structural rigidity to absorb vibrations and process of manufacture to suit the economy of scale are other important criteria to be considered. All the relevant analysis and simulations are carried out, by the use of software, to know upfront the suitability of the design to meet the intended requirements.
The longest path in product development is mould making and hence there is always a growing need to compress the time in making moulds. The most important phase of this activity is mould design, which needs good technology and expertise to design first time right moulds or minimize the number of iterations needed to build the right mould. 3D mould design is an extended activity of 3D part modeling. During the process of part modeling the factors influencing the mould design like parting surfaces, release drafts, profiles formed by slides and gating locations are considered. 3D part models formed with this consideration are the basic requirement to separate core and cavity models and slides. Cooling circuits, ejection systems, runner and gating systems are added with the core and cavity models as per the requirement. With 3D core and cavity models CNC cutter path can be generated to enable machining.
Our Impeccable Industrial / Product Design Services
  • Product design and detailing services
  • Development of batch quantity and supply services
  • Re-mastering and data migration services
  • Mock-up development services
  • Reverse engineering services
We follow standard mould base like DME, HASCO, FUTABA, LKM to complete the mould design only in 3D model with Assembly views, Material list and part details as per the customer specification if customer requires Process chart, Electrode design.